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Developers' Notes

In the year 1999, when Arcomage had been included in 3DO's Might&MagicVII, the mini-game was a much loved attachment to an outstanding product. It found its way into the sequel and was eventually released as stand-alone product.

In 2009, my girlfriend and I dug out an old copy of Might&MagicVIII. Gripped by nostalgia, she asked me if we couldn't make our own version of the game, so we could play it outside of M&M. As these things go, the project slowly grew and we wanted to redesign all the cards and introduce more visuals. More than nine months later, working on and off on the 102 cards, scripting effects and animating silhoutted figures, the first version of ArcoSummoner is finally on the ether!

Wait, ArcoSummoner? Here's how the name fell: me and my girlfriend are pretty much addicted to Riot Games' League of Legends, so we decided not only to commemorate the ancient Arcomage, but also pay a tribute to the outstanding free-to-play game League of Legends! Since the player in LoL takes on the role of a Summoner, we tagged our game ArcoSummoner.

So much for the History behind the project...

Enjoy the game above or browse the complete collection of cards in higher resolution below!
Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!

Also, be sure to check out League of Legends, and if you decide to give it a shot, please use my referal link to sign up!
Bear in mind that all characters, music and several sound effects used in ArcoSummoner are property of Riot Games. We really appreciate the company's care for its customers and the fact that they tolerate these fan-made, good-natured copyright infringements ;p
Thanks Riot!